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Finding your account information 


If you’re looking to find out some information about your mortgage account – we’re here to help.


Go online with Self-Serve

In most cases, the quickest and easiest way to find up to date information about your mortgage account is to use our free and secure online Self-Serve system. This is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any device.

You can use Self-Serve to quickly find out a wide range of information about your mortgage, including:

  • Account number
  • Outstanding balance
  • Arrears balance (if this applies to you)
  • Monthly payment amount
  • Monthly payment date (if you pay by Direct Debit)
  • Details of your recent payments
  • Remaining term
  • Current interest rate
  • Repayment type
  • Correspondence address and other contact details

So if you just want this information – there is no need to call and you could save time using Self-Serve.


Where to find key information in Self-Serve

Sign in now – if you’ve already registered on Self-Serve, you can sign in to your account at any time, from any device.

Register now – to use Self-Serve for the first time, you’ll need to register and create your secure account.

Find out more about using Self-Serve.

Other ways of finding your account information

If Self-Serve doesn’t have the information you need, you can’t get online or you need more help and support – please call us. You’ll find our phone numbers and opening hours on our Contact us page.

You can also find a range of information about your mortgage on your latest annual mortgage statement, which we’ll send to you at least once a year. Please be aware that some of that information could be out of date depending on when the statement was sent, as changes may have occurred since then.

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